Leslie RuddLeslie Rudd has over forty years of general business experience in real estate, the operation of service companies, direct investment in growth concepts and alternative investments. He was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and he is a graduate of Wichita State University.

In addition to real estate he has other varied business interests, including Leslie Rudd Investment Company (LRICo), Standard Beverage Corporation, Rudd Wines and Vineyards, and others.


  • Phone:316-847-4847
  • Fax:316-832-1264

Darrell is responsible for overall management of the Rudd Properties portfolio. Darrell has been with Leslie Rudd Investment Co. / Rudd Properties since 2006 and previous experience includes being a COO & CFO of various public and privately held companies. Darrell has a MBA from University of Texas at Austin, an undergraduate degree from Bethany College, and is a CPA.


  • Phone:707-253-1000 x2

Ross is responsible for property management of the Northern California properties in the Rudd portfolio.

Ross has worked with Rudd Properties since 1989 as the Napa Sawyer property manager.